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The Next OutLan Adventure Vehicle?

UPDATE: August 22, 2016 we took the plunge and made the purchase of our very own brand new Jeep Renegade Latitude. So far, we love this vehicle. More details to come soon and I’ll be putting a vid on the channel.

While on vacation last month (July) driving to Orlando, Florida, my wife and I began discussing the need for a new family vehicle. It’s time to trade in the 2008 Pontiac G6 sedan for a sport utility vehicle. Our twins are getting bigger and we need more space. The 2008 car I’ve been driving every day is literally falling apart. So, we started scouting the vehicles around us on I-75 South. That’s when I saw the Jeep Renegade and fell in love.

I love Jeeps. My buddy has a Wrangler he’s affectionately named “Ozzy” that I lust after. I have always wanted one of my own. When I graduated from high school, I was in love with a sky-blue Cherokee that I regrettably never got. Later in life, my tastes changed and I was more about speed than utility. In 2008–two months before finding out we were having twins–I bought a Pontiac G6 V6. I’ve been driving this car ever since. Still, that fire in me for a true adventure vehicle has been burning.

I have seen the Renegade around town but didn’t think too much of it. Then, the more I began to research it online (especially on YouTube), I’ve become obsessive over this thing. Built in Italy, the Renegade is based on the Fiat 500x chassis, so it has Euro styling and quality with the Jeep branding. It’s rugged but cool with the most modern conveniences. Luxury? No. But who cares? I want a vehicle I can shift into 4×4 mode and go off road. Or, something that can get me through the icy and snowy Ohio winters (this year should be a doozy). I want something I can throw the kids and all their stuff in and get to school. Or, to be able to throw my loaded backpacking gear in the back and head off to the trail after work. It’s practical and just makes sense.

I’m sure die-hard Jeep fans snub their nose at this compact “Jeep” that’s not made in the USA, but I could really care less. It wears the Jeep name proudly, and the reviews are way above average. There is, of course, the dedicated fanbase, and once you become a Jeep owner you’re a member of “the club”.

I just need to get my wife on board with a taking on a monthly car payment again–something we haven’t had in over two years. To me, it’s worth it. Time will tell…and hopefully that time will be soon.


The 4×4 Renegade Latitude with the “Great Outdoors” package. Includes a roof basket, bike rack, and tow hitch. Sweet.

Renegade Dawn of Justice

The Renegade “Dawn of Justice” edition

Renegade Latitude

The Latitude in my price range