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Fall Hammock Hang in the Big South Fork November 2013

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My buddy Joe and I had a fantastic time in the backwoods of Kentucky in the the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. We hiked, camped, and hung our hammocks in some of the prettiest surroundings we’ve ever seen.

Night one was a beautiful car campout at Alum Ford primitive campground. We had a crystal-clear night with millions of stars overhead, a roaring fire, good whiskey, and good companionship.

Day two was a relatively short hike through dense woods, past Yahoo Falls (the tallest in Kentucky) and alongside the Big South Fork Cumberland River. We doubled back to a beautiful creekside camping spot where we hung our hammocks and enjoyed a fireside evening. Despite the light rain, we kept the fire going and had a fantastic time.

Day three, we awoke to see a deer coming down to the creek to drink, and enjoyed some great coffee before hitting the trail back to the car. It was a pleasant hike back as we finished our trip.

We topped out at about ten miles total for the weekend. Short distance, but great time. I want to do another trip like this very soon.


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